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Robert Gruder, Alydaar's Chairman and CEO, stated, "I am delighted to welcome CSSL to our network of international business partners.
Andrew Carr, Alydaar International's Director of Business Development, added, "This relationship with CSSL is another very exciting step forward for Alydaar International and will make a significant contribution to our operations.
Based on the Society for Computer Simulation's CSSL standard, ACSL is widely regarded as the standard software environment for modeling dynamic systems in industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, power plant design, agricultural and pharmaceutical research.
ACSL is based on the Society for Computer Simulation's CSSL standard, and is used in more than 3,500 sites worldwide.
Key affiliates for Marcam in Asia North include IBM Japan, NEC, CSK, IBM Taiwan, ALPS, Anam, Miwon, KISC, EDS, and CSSL.
Long-time Marcam affiliate CSSL has been selected to be the company's Master Distributor for South Asia.
Dodge Group International's presence there, through the CSSL network, is an answer to the demand for innovative client/server business software.
Westall was also the co-founder and executive vice president of CSSL Inc.