CT scan

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CT scan:

see CAT scanCAT scan
[computerized axial tomography], X-ray technique that allows relatively safe, painless, and rapid diagnosis in previously inaccessible areas of the body; also called CT scan.
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Miller and Jeret stated that CT scan examination in case of mild traumatic brain injuries is indicated in patients with GCS score < 15 points, when there are skull fractures, clinical signs for skull base fracture, seizures, focal neurological signs or persistent headache (6, 7).
They wrote: "The increased incidence of cancer after CT scan exposure in this cohort was mostly due to irradiation.
A chest CT exposes patients to more than 400 times the radiation dose of a regular chest X-ray Over the last 15 years, radiation exposure has skyrocketed, not because of radiation treatment, but because of the use of CT scans for diagnosis.
Because we now know that CT confers an increased, albeit small, risk of cancer, good clinical judgement is needed to justify performing each CT scan, using as low a dose as possible.
London, June 7 ( ANI ): Children who have two or three head CT scans have triple the risk of developing brain cancer, a new study has revealed.
What we've proved is that there is a link between having a CT scan and subsequently getting leukaemia and brain tumours.
Now scientists in Newcastle have studied data on about 180,000 patients under the age of 22 who had CT scans at UK hospitals between 1985 and 2002.
Shaikh Mohammed bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Director of Sharjah Medical Zone, said: "The CT scan machine is important for Dhaid hospital because it is located at many crossroads.
However, some studies seem to suggest that a large portion (20% to 60%) of patients with colonic bowel wall thickening seen on a CT scan, are found to have a normal endoscopic exam upon follow up.
To wit, the radiation dose from a typical CT scan (short for computed tomography and commonly known as a "cat scan") is 600 times more powerful than the average chest x-ray.
According to the latest measurements, a patient could get as much radiation from one CT scan as 74 mammograms or 442 chest X-rays.