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This is because, with the CDUE pairs adopting the DS to communicate directly, the cross-tier interference from the CDUE pairs is avoided; moreover, the MDUE pairs with the CTSS communicating directly also mitigate the cross-tier interference because the transmit power of MDUE is much smaller than MBS.
For the continuous crop production systems, average annual net return to owned land and management of the operator using 1995 cost-of-production estimates was highest for CTSS (Table 3).
The basis of the Award today is largely for my work on two pioneering time-sharing systems, CTSS [5, 6] and Multics [7, 9].
That was the first major use of CTSS by people who did not build it, and it was very successful.
CTSS was one of the first operating systems organized for utility-like use and the first to permit controlled sharing of files among users.
The purpose of this contract is the hiring body repair services, sanitation and repainted and assembly and installation of electrical accessories, pneumatic or hydraulic in 130 buses and vans 4 CTSS currently available.
Having just taken a course in operations research, Scherr put together a "very quick and dirty" continuous-time Markov process model for CTSS.
Tenders are invited for La contratacin de los servicios de reparacin de carrocera, saneamiento y repintado y montaje e instalacin de accesorios elctricos, neumticos o hidrulicos en los 130 autobuses y 4 furgonetas de que dispone actualmente CTSS.
Tenders are invited for Mental health services (1 year proposal with 2 optional years) and supports through a single Agency that is certified as a licensed CTSS (Children~s Therapeutic Support Services), and preferably a Rule 29 provider.