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CTSS is the new standard for excellence in technology service and support and was developed by the industry for the industry.
BROADCOM selected NTRU's CTSS because it has been proven for years as the leading TPM, OS and application agnostic trusted computing solution in the world.
They are connecting to the Omnipass application with confidence - not only must users adhere to the embedded data management security protocols, but they are passing through strict authentication layers within the CTSS module as well.
If our experience marketing the Fon'iksWriter over the past few months is indicative of its future potential, we believe that the CTSS acquisition provides our company with an excellent growth opportunity," said Gerard Smith, president and chief executive officer of ErgoBilt.
L-3 Link, prime contractor on the E-3 flight crew training program since 1993, today is providing training services in support of the E-3 CTSS under a contract initially awarded in 1999.
CTSS does not possess any patents or trademarks and may not have even been incorporated until after entering into its alleged deal with ErgoBilt.
CTSS is the developer of a proprietary computerized phonetic keyboard system, which, among other things, dramatically increases operator productivity (a single stroke on a CTSS keyboard equals up to 4.
Nasdaq: ERGB), a rapidly growing developer, manufacturer and marketer of customized, high-end ergonomic products, today announced it has entered into a licensing agreement with CTSS, Inc.
Power and Associates developed the CTSS program in order to encourage technology support organizations to increase effectiveness by establishing a benchmark for handling service and support.
Power and Associates CTSS trophy that will be awarded to technology companies that meet or exceed the new standard for technology service and support.