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Despite a number of disadvantages, internal fissures and inconsistent support from its national wing, CUPE 3903 did not, by any means, "lose" the strike.
CUPE represents approximately 13,600 health care workers who provide a wide range of services in acute care facilities, long-term care homes, home care and community health services.
CUPE 3903 has criticized and eschewed traditional union processes, maintaining an uneasy relationship with CUPE's national organization.
As per Guraliuk, We made some important gains but CUPE also moved significantly and we were very flexible on finding common ground.
Nathalie Stringer, president of the Air Transat Component of CUPE, said: "Our members are sending a clear message.
But CUPE has other problems coming out of the convention.
The CAW represents 3,800 customer service and sales workers at Air Canada, CUPE represents 6,800 flight attendants with the carrier and the IAMAW represents over 11,000 mechanics, baggage handlers, cargo agents, scheduling, warehouse staff and financial staff office of the airline.
Katherine Nastovski is an executive member of CUPE 3903 (York University) and chair of the international solidarity committee for CUPE Ontario.
Throughout the labour dispute, CUPE highlighted the low-wages paid to community-based social service agency staff and the damage to the social safety net due to unstable and inadequate provincial funding to the sector.
Amounts deducted batch is found in Annex B and Annex to the data sheet: APPENDIX - CAREER TOOLS NEEDED CUPE 2014
Commenting on the decision to seek conciliation, Nathalie Stringer, president of the Air Transat Component of the CUPE, said: "Unfortunately, the employer is asking for an increase in the number of hours on duty per day, as well as new wage levels that severely penalise young flight attendants.
We applaud CUPE Ontario for backing the cause of the oppressed peoples of Palestine by supporting the global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid.