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Fortunately, CWIS provides several mechanisms that can be used to tailor a portal to meet these specific needs.
To address this type of situation, CWIS supports multiple user interfaces, assignable on a per-user basis.
All CWIS pages for a given interface are built from a common CSS-based page template, to which page-specific code is added.
Some limited user interface customization ability is available in CWIS and SPT without modifying or adding HTML.
To address this need, CWIS supports exporting data in three formats: RSS, OAI, and tab-delimited text.
CWIS and SPT are designed to be easy to install and configure, in most cases taking less than ten minutes to get up and running when installed in the recommended environment.
CWIS and SPT have been developed to run on a Linux-based Web server that supports PHP 4.
As far as hardware requirements, CWIS and SPT will run on almost anything that will support PHP and MySQL.
CWIS and the Scout Portal Toolkit are available for download from the Internet Scout Project site on the following pages:
The dynamic interface support provided by CWIS is intended primarily to allow customization via HTML, but there are times when more extensive changes or additions are warranted.
Of course, new versions of CWIS and SPT are likely to be released with additional functionality or enhanced performance.
Because some sites are very heavily modified and others are not publicly accessible (and, of course, the software is free for download, and registration, while strongly encouraged, is not required), accurately determining the number of active SPT and CWIS installations in the field is not possible.