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a percussion instrument of indefinite pitch consisting of a thin circular piece of brass, which vibrates when clashed together with another cymbal or struck with a stick



an orchestral percussion instrument consisting of a brass disk 400 mm in diameter with a leather strap attached to the center on the outside. When struck together in pairs, cymbals produce a prolonged ringing sound.

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Cymbal and Sirkin also anticipate a deal to be locked in shortly for the Midtown space previously known as Bardot and have several Allapattah projects under review at this time as well.
The proposed square bandpass filter without slots is designed with the same dimension as the conventional cymbal bandpass filter.
Cash values will not be protected under most state laws because the insured is not the policy owner and because the insured's spouse and children are not beneficiaries," said Cymbal.
Handcrafted in Wuhan, China, for over two millennia, Wuhan cymbals--specializing in mid-range B20 cymbals and china cymbals of all alloys and types--are made from a carefully guarded metal formula.
The central scene is activated when the cymbals come together; the image spreads in a contrary movement, not toward the back of the space but forward, toward the entrance.
The 45-rpm pressing has an ultra-silent background, bringing out every detail in every instrument--including the ride cymbal, I'm afraid.
And then there's me, lost among the stacked clutter of snares, cymbals and a kick drum.
For best results, paint "DOORBELL" on top of one cymbal and decorate the handles of both with bright red ribbon.
Kenny, who begins a tour of Germany tomorrow, said: "It wasn't the first time he'd banged that cymbal as I've bent down to pick up my mute.
Each of the three performers in Stuck are limited to a single instrument: a bongo, suspended cymbal, and wood block.
Early drummers, in their search for new sounds, also adopted the instruments they heard played by Chinese immigrants in urban areas in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, like the small Chinese cymbal (Bo), large gong (Da Luo), woodblock (Ban), temple blocks (Mu-Yu), and the first tom-tom (Bangu), usually a thick painted pigskin drum head tacked on to a red painted wooden shell.
CUSH Pads[TM] replace the standard felts on standard cymbal and hi-hat stands with new pads made of a proprietary elastomer material, made in California.