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1.An open or tent-like structure at a swimming pool or at the shore.
2. Originally, a simple Spanish dwelling resembling a hut or cabin.
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The search for victims of the landslide, which tore through the village of Cambray II Thursday after heavy rain, resumed at dawn Tuesday with the help of a Mexican team with trained rescue dogs, according to Sergio Cabanas, head of the government's disaster response program.
Several designers own cabanas here: Cameron Cox, Sally Trout, Joyce and Jeff Hart.
But the cautious Cabanas also made sure to keep expectations low.
Niall Quinn has suffered a setback in his bid to strengthen Sunderland's first-team squad after it emerged that Ricardo Cabanas has turned down the chance to move to the Stadium of Light.
These cabanas can only be procured by residents of the Sanderling Beach Club neighborhood and those lucky few holding an associate membership.
Farooqui's cabana, Wonderland Revisited, drew inspiration from her favourite childhood movies Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz, while Hamad named her cabana, Lola, after the dancer in the famous 1978 Copacabana song of the same name.
Cabanas, who missed the 2010 World Cup in South Africa where he was expected to shine, was shot during an argument in a bar.
The cabanas feature the MissoniHome decor line, which is available at the resort's 22 Knots boutique.
AN alleged drug lord has claimed he gave refuge to the man who gunned down Paraguay striker Salvador Cabanas.
IRENE, South Africa: The Italian squad wants to prove it isn't too old to win the World Cup again when it starts its title defense against Paraguay, which is playing in honor of shooting victim Salvador Cabanas.
PARAGUAY president Fernando Lugo has sent a letter to his team's players asking them to play for striker Salvador Cabanas who was the victim of a shooting.
Relax and unwind in plush cabanas and lounge beds while enjoying soul music and international tunes by DJ Yasin Vallimulla and the breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.