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1.An open or tent-like structure at a swimming pool or at the shore.
2. Originally, a simple Spanish dwelling resembling a hut or cabin.
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El pasado 1 de diciembre, cinco dias antes de que el America presentara esta peticion, la Comision de Controversias de la federacion ya habia fallado en contra de Salvador Cabanas.
Cabanas plans to leave South America and he is open to the Sunderland deal - but sources close to him say he is also interested to find out if there are any rival bidders for his services.
But Gonzalez admits Cabanas is keen to move to Wearside, while Club America president Michel Bauer also refused to rule out Cabanas' departure.
With McCarthy determined to sign the player and Cabanas keen to join, a deal worth pounds 500,000 is expected to be rubber-stamped by Bob Murray.
In this line, Cabanas has indicated that Spain is preparing an "ambitious" Strategy on Agriculture, Climate and Environment, to help mitigate the impact of agricultural activity on climate and adapt to new climate risks.
The company's latest innovation is the 'Equinox' cabana which transforms any hotel terrace, poolside, or garden into an open-air living room.
Cabana will feature seating lined with old Brazilian-made jeans, with little treats for diners in the denim pockets.
In his new role at Fiduciary Trust, Cabanas will focus on expanding the firm's presence in South Florida, working with existing clients and generating new business.
Cabanas said, however, that hopes of finding survivors are growing increasingly slim.
David Cabanas Barrientos es un Incansable luchador social que estuvo preso ocho anos por militancia en el Partido Revolucionario Obrero Clandestino Union del Pueblo-Partido de los Pobres (Procup-Pdlp) y fue puesto en libertad por absolucion; es miembro de la organizacion Izquierda Democratica Popular (IDP), que desde su fundacion se ha solidarizado y acompanado las luchas justas del pueblo de Mexico, como la presentacion con vida de los 43 estudiantes normalistas desaparecidos de Ayotzinapa.
One of architect Tim Seiberts earliest projects when he designed it in 1956, the cabanas ingeniously open up to deep covered walkways and the elements beyond via a pair of floor-to-ceiling louvered doors.
Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Orlando THE WELCOME I feel like I'm in 1950s America with Elvis Presley's That's All Right bellowing throughout the vast reception area.