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John Malone's Liberty Global empire, which owns a significant stake in Charter, already has begun to add YouTube to some of its cable TV properties in Europe, with impressive results: Ever since Liberty subsidiary UPC Direct in Hungary added YouTube's app to existing cable boxes through ActiveVideo's technology, 68% of UPC's subscribers with access to the app have used it to watch YouTube through their cable box, with sessions averaging 45 minutes a day--while still watching lots of cable TV as well.
The Law Society president spent the morning painting the large cable boxes and removing masses of litter that has accumulated behind the boxes.
Officers based at Sheldon police station have already taken responsibility for cleaning three cable boxes near to their station in Sheldon Heath Road and are hoping the community will follow suit.
Matsushita said it will also supply set-top cable boxes from next year.
Roberts' strategy for competing with satellite broadcasting includes upgrading Comcast's high-speed Internet service and a plan to offer TiVo-style video recording technology on its cable boxes by year's end.
It can control channel and volume on many types of TV and 32 cable boxes.
The clear plastic gadgets can be fitted to legitimate cable boxes to unscramble signals, giving viewers free access to pay channels.
Power leaks from TVs and cable boxes cost the average homeowner approximately $15 per year.
Network attached storage (NAS) systems designed with our Indigita chips will play a key role in enabling HANA-compliant products such as HDTVs, next-generation HD-DVD players/recorders, personal video recorders (PVRs), digital set top cable boxes, network interface units (NIUs) and home theater systems.
The Draft EA describes Reclamations proposed replacement of approximately three miles of buried fiber optic cable and associated buried fiber optic cable boxes.
Police based at Sheldon want volunteers to "adopt" cable boxes and work to keep a lid on "taggers" blighting the area.
1 -- color) In Newhall, Ramone Bulido drives a bulldozer Tuesday over some illegal cable boxes seized in a crackdown on cable-TV piracy.