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The Core can also be configured with an embedded edge switch capable of flexible packet switching and replication, with access control support, and an integrated ccNUMA controller that extends cache coherence to multiple nodes.
8) Fong Pong, Michel Dubois "Formal Automatic Verification of Cache Coherence in Multiprocessors with Relaxed Memory Models" HP Laboratories Palo Alto, February, 2000.
In the shared L2 cache organization (Figure 1(b)), the L2 cache storage is shared by all the processors and cache coherence is maintained at the L1 cache level.
Cache coherence management based on data trend analysis in HA-DMDB system.
Controls access to the file system structure using a global lock manager, and manages cache coherence and locking.
The latest version of the Compliance Document includes support for OCP's existing cache coherence extensions, as well as the new memory barrier and transaction counting extensions introduced in the OCP 3.
In HGST we have found the ideal partner to continue to develop our ground-breaking caching, compression, and cache coherence technology.
Various cache coherence schemes [Carey 91, Gray 89, Wang 91, Wilk 90, etc.
Keywords: cc-NUMA Multiprocessors, Scalability, Cache Coherence, Directory Memory Overhead, Cache Miss Latency
Conf files to the Accellera IP-XACT metadata format, and new cache coherence compliance material.
We have refuted calls for a radical design change by showing that, using already existing techniques, we can create cache coherence protocols that scale to hundreds and perhaps even thousands of cores," said Sorin.
The Company played a key role in completing development of the cache coherence extensions included in OCP 3.