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Members |of New Marske Harriers are pictured competing in the first event in the NYSD Cross Country League season at Caedmon School in Whitby.
Contract notice: Caedmon College Whitby and Eskdale School grounds maintenance contract.
Although he has played Tyneside several times in the past, he comes to Gateshead's Caedmon Hall on Sunday night as something of a new man.
Saturday and Sunday's line up at Tanfield Railway, on the Gateshead and County Durham border, features Benny Graham, King Cole and Anthony Robb and the Caedmon Pipers.
That is according to the monk and historian, Bede, who was a contemporary of Caedmon.
This essay details the technical, aesthetic, and ideological values that Caedmon Records brought to bear upon sound recording and reproduction and compares these with those of other publishers, such as Columbia and Folkways, of recorded poetry during the same period.
For years, during festivals, Caedmon was unable to take the harp passed around and sing of bloody or savage battles--but one night inspiration struck, and he thought to sing of what he knew.
Mrs Armstrong, who has been a school cook for eight years, and is in charge of providing meals for 450 pupils at Caedmon Secondary School, Whitby, North Yorkshire, rustled up a main course which included sweet and sour salad, served with an East Coast muffin, followed by Dracula's Delight -a raspberry jelly topped with white chocolate mousse and shortbread biscuits.
Caedmon Records, which put out the Thomas CD set, said: "Given its unique, timeless nature it is not surprising.
This facsimile edition of Franciscus Junius' ground-breaking publication of 1655 is prefaced by a detailed account of his life, his work and his reception, the later history of Caedmon scholarship down to Thorpe's edition of 1832, and a generous bibliography.
Langston Hughes Reads His Poetry by Langston Hughes with commentary and reflections from the author Caedmon Audio, ISBN 0-694-52273-2 1 cassette, approx.
This priceless recording, as well as those of Stein and others, will already be familiar to collectors of old Caedmon LPs or denizens of public-library album collections.