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, Caesarian (US), Cesarean, Cesarian
1. of or relating to any of the Caesars, esp Julius Caesar (100--44 bc), Roman general, statesman, and historian
2. Surgery
a. short for Caesarean section
b. (as modifier): Caesarean birth



an operation for artificial delivery of a fetus in which the fetus and placenta are removed through an incision in the anterior abdominal wall and the body of the uterus.

A cesarean is performed on a live fetus when the woman is unable without assistance to bear the child alive (when the pelvis is narrow or deformed or in the presence of severe cicatricial changes of the vagina or placenta praevia). When there is excessive or acute hemorrhage, a cesarean is performed even on a dead or nonviable fetus in order to save the mother. The term “cesarean” formerly was incorrectly associated with the legend of the birth of the Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar by means of a similar operation.

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The recent case of health worker "Ms S" put the spotlight on birth technology, when she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act so doctors could carry out a Caesarian.
A TEESSIDE hospital has bucked a national trend by recording its lowest caesarian section rate for three years.
The World Health Organisation found that high rates of Caesarian delivery are associated with higher rates of maternal illness.