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a commerical establishment where meals can be bought and eaten. In the 16th cent. English inns and taverns began to serve one meal a day at a fixed time and price, at a common table, and usually distinguished by a special dish.
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What does it mean when you dream about a cafeteria?

Food in varieties and in abundance such as in a cafeteria or an “all one can eat” environment may suggest ideas that need to be digested. The statement “food for thought” may be a meaningful way of understanding this dream. Too much may mean one is fed up with a condition or relationship. If fear surrounds the selection of food, the dream may be indicating the basic fight or flight response to something threatening to eat you, or that a lot has been “eating at” the dreamer lately.

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founded in 1944, is the dominant cafeteria chain in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States with 205 cafeterias in 16 states.
SUN VALLEY - If you want to grab what you want for lunch at the school cafeteria and eat it before the bell rings, sophomore Meri Sarkisyan has learned, you can't dillydally.
Individuals can register to win at any participating Piccadilly or Morrison's Cafeteria for a random drawing on February, 19, 1999.
The affected cafeterias now operate under long-term
The cafeterias, which are supposed to be self-supporting, have been losing money.
The San Antonio-based company operates 231 Luby's Cafeterias in 11 states and its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol LUB).
Realty Advisors, LLC ("Purchaser") and simultaneously executed long-term leases with the Purchaser that provide for the Company's continued operation of cafeterias at the six sites.
Closing the cafeterias and cutting academic programs would be considered for the the 2005-06 fiscal year, she said.
Currently, 269 cafeterias and 416 dining areas have less than half the district's recommended square footage.
The charge includes the expense of closing four cafeterias located in Leavenworth and Topeka, Kansas; Muskogee, Oklahoma; and Dallas, Texas.
The Company is working toward developing a "concept evolution" focused on broadening the appeal of the Company's cafeterias while continuing to provide all Piccadilly customers with a first class dining experience at a reasonable cost.
Since Simi Valley school cafeterias launched a push last year to alter kids' eating habits and battle obesity, gone are lumpy mashed potatoes in tin dishes and half-ripe bananas sitting lonely on food trays.