Cairo Conference

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Cairo Conference,

Nov. 22–26, 1943, World War II meeting of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek of China at Cairo, Egypt. A joint declaration pledged continuation of the war against Japan until unconditional Japanese surrender, forswore territorial ambitions, and promised to strip Japan of all territory acquired since 1895. Korea was to receive independence "in due course." The Tehran ConferenceTehran Conference,
Nov. 28–Dec. 1, 1943, meeting of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Premier Joseph Stalin at Tehran, Iran.
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 was held immediately afterward.
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The council also urged donor countries to fulfill their pledges announced in Cairo conference on reconstruction of Gaza.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met with the follow-up committee of the Cairo Conference for the Syrian Opposition Saturday, where the Syrian conflict was discussed.
The report also highlighted the stagnation in reconstruction in Gaza, noting that donors at the Cairo Conference pledged US$3.
Farid al-Najjar, 56, whose orange-coloured taxi was destroyed in the conflict, regards the Cairo conference as a joke.
The delegation reviewed efforts and activities of the committee to implement resolutions of the second Cairo conference and the roadmap that had been agreed upon, and ways to unify the vision and stances of the Syrian opposition to achieve a political solution in Syria in line with the first Geneva Conference on Syria.
The second Cairo conference for Syrian opposition forces was held in the Egyptian capital in early June despite a boycott by the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and opposition forces and growing tensions among the participants.
We urge others to expeditiously fulfill pledges made at the Cairo Conference to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian refugees.
Members of the new group would also meet with the UN mediator for Syria, Stefan de Mistura, after the Cairo conference.
Avoiding unwanted pregnancies will always be a central part of sex education, but keeping the 1994 Cairo conference in mind, we found that we had neglected to pay sufficient attention to unwanted childlessness and the ability to reproduce.
With the ceasefire having ended the fighting but not the suffering of the people in Gaza, she pointed to the SecretaryGeneral's repeated calls on the international community to meet commitments and pledges on Gaza's reconstruction made at the Cairo conference.
4 billion that was promised the Cairo conference exceeded the $4 billion the Palestinian Authority said it needed.
4 billion was pledged at the Cairo conference last October and virtually none of it has reached Gaza.

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