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Calamity Jane is at the Liverpool Empire from April 1 to April 5.
Calamity Jane runs from October 10-14, with nightly performances at 7.
Calamity Jane has some fine songs, including Secret Love, which won an Oscar.
Stickels, dubbed Calamity Jane after serious gaffes at Lingfield and Newmarket this summer, is being forced to learn her job all over again and is not expected to resume to duties for some three months.
She will take the lead role when classic comedy western musical Calamity Jane runs at Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre from November 12 to 16.
In May next year the society is staging Calamity Jane, also at Civic Hall.
WITH reference to the photograph and article in the Echo appealing for information about the South Wales origins of Potato Creek Johnny, associate of the famous Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock of Deadwood City, Dakota, USA.
This year the play being performed was Calamity Jane.
SINGER Toyah Willcox faced a real calamity when she dislocated her knee playing cowgirl Calamity Jane.
High school girl Hannah Brook, aged 15, gives a remarkably mature performance as Calamity Jane, the tough, gun-toting heroine whose tendency to exaggerate earns her the reputation of being careless with the truth.
The production of My Darlin' Janey, in which Hall was to play cowgirl Calamity Jane, has been cancelled.