a city in southeast Rumania, in Ialomiƫa Region; a port on the Borcea channel of the Danube. Population, 42,200 (1974). Food, garment, and cellulose industries are there.

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The construction of the two new bridges Silistra a Calarasi and Nikopol a Turnu Magurele will start by 2017, according to Bulgariaas caretaker Transport Minister Nikolina Angelkova.
Vincenzo Cesarano was arrested in Calarasi, 125 kilometers away from
com), the Carraro Group company that specializes in alternative energy electronics and industrial automation, has signed an agreement with Greenwood Biosar, the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) division of Greenwood Energy, to deliver five Santerno TG760 1000V solar inverters for installation at a new solar project in Calarasi, Romania.
In the Romanian village of Tamadau, the southeastern Calarasi county, there will be opened the largest wild sturgeon breeding farm starting this October, with the facility to start operating in 2014.
Transdanube Industries SRL, a branch of African Steel Mills, is building in Oltenita town (south), Calarasi County, a steel plant and a mill, the company informs in a release.
South-Muntenia region includes Arges, Calarasi, Dambovita, Giurgiu,Ialomita,Prahova and Teleorman counties.
From 6 to 9 October, a team of Dutch water experts will visit four southern Provinces (Giurgu, Calarasi, Buzao, and Ilfov) to demonstrate how even the most remote municipalities can offer their residents clean and fresh drinking water.
THE EUROPEAN Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is lending Euro 10 million to steel company SC Donasid to help it upgrade its steel billet plant at Calarasi, south-east Romania, expanding production from a current 300,000 tons per year to its full potential of 450,000 tons.
The Jehovah's Witnesses complained that the mayor of Calarasi, Calarasi County, refused under various pretexts to enforce a June 2006 court ruling entitling the religious group to build a place of worship there.
The counties of Constanta, Tulcea, Calarasi, Ialomita, Buzau and Braila were reportedly affected the worst by the weather conditions.
ACTI is also constructing new elevators at Calarasi, Giurgiu and Moldova Noua and has acquired a barge fleet to connect the network of river elevators to the joint-venture export elevator recently finished in Constanta.
Forma collateralisation participation - through a guarantee instrument under the law by a banking company or insurance companies or in lei at the cashier unit, or - by bank transfer provided its confirmation by the issuing bank no later than the date and time set for opening of tenders in the following account: EN 18 RZBR 0000 0600 0441 9486 - Raiffeisen Calarasi If the bid bond is not filed not later than the date and time for the opening of tenders and if not is the above conditions, the amount and period of validity set out in this documentation, the tender will be deemed unacceptable and will be rejected.