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Medical therapy has very limited role in the treatment of calcinosis cutis but drugs like corticosteroids, probenecid, colchicine, sodium etidronate, diphosphonates, diltiazem, and magnesium and aluminium antacids can be used in order to relieve the symptoms9,10.
La radiografia confirmo la sospecha de extensas areas de calcinosis (Figura 1).
Idiopathic bilateral strio-pallido-dentate calcinosis (Fahr's disease): a case report and review of the literature.
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In addition to these findings, he had calcinosis cutis on elbows, knees, hips, and fingers, as well as photosensitivity.
Clinical examination revealed: erythema of the face, thin lips, erased expression lines, mild hardening of the skin, telangiectasias (Figure 1) of the lips, face and palms, sclerodactyly (Figure 2), non-pitting edema of the lower limbs, subcutaneous calcinosis (Figure 3) in the extensor surface of the joints (elbow and knee), bilaterally and mildly impaired strength prehension.
Vinpocetine has successfully reversed tumoral calcinosis (tumor-like calcium deposits) in hemodialysis patients with renal failure.
Cutaneous calcinosis or Calcinosis cutis is a skin disease of dogs characterized by dystrophic calcium deposition in dermis and subcutis tissues (Joffe, 1996).
Ademas se encuentra aumentado en calcinosis tumoral familiar, raquitismo familiar hipofosfatemico ligado al cromosoma X y al Sindrome McCune-Albright, en el cual los pacientes cursan con hipofosfatemia asociada a un exceso de FGF23.
Caso inusual de calcinosis enzootica por el consumo de Solanum glaucophyllum en un encierre a corral.
Calcinosis (accumulation of calcium deposits under the skin that may cause pain)