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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Double, double, toil and trouble— Fire burn and caldron bubble. (William Shakespeare, MacBeth, Act IV, Scene 1)

Even before the witches of Shakespeare's MacBeth cackled their way onto the stage of popular imagery, caldrons have been understood to be symbols of "the witches brew."

The plain and simple fact, however, is that some herbs need preparation not requiring "eye of newt" or "wing of bat." A caldron was the kitchen implement of choice used by women who prepared natural materials gathered from field and forest. When early Christian theology, separated as it was from nature and fueled by religious bigotry, declared many of these women to be witches, the scene of three old hags gathered around a caldron in the moonlight became yet another caricature used to frighten superstitious churchgoers, sometimes with tragic results for the innocent.

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She performed briefly on the small ice rink atop the stadium before lighting the caldron.
Whenever there's time to spare, I dump the contents of both bags into a huge caldron to simmer with water, beer, and any leftover wine.
Here, James Syhabout of Commis and a caldron of creative chefs such as Charlie Hallowell (Penrose), Sho Kamio (lyasare), and Russell Moore (Camino) have bubbled to the surface, changing the area's structure as they cook with a new beat in their box.
I'm reminded of a "Far Side" cartoon with a dowdy couple being carried by celebrating savages in a caldron toward a bonfire.
After claiming a 1-1 draw on a night of torrential downpour Lisbon, the Greek champions grasped the initiative when they welcomed Jorge Jesus' side back to the caldron of the Karaiskakis Stadium at the beginning of November where a Kostas Manolas' goal was enough to hand them a valuable win.
At King Khalid international airport, the delegation, led by Gabriel Bamberto Caldron, a technical lecturer at the FIFA, was received by Mohammed Al-Nuwaiser, Deputy Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Soccer Federation, and senior sports officials.
And we've been so miffed at those sniffy, tutting, Hansard enthusiasts that we ended up walking out (stroke being forcibly removed) from one of his gazillion gigs in the caldron of Whelan's, Dublin.
I need to get some playing minutes, get used to it again and our match against Bilbao is an ideal test," Of course before he can test himself in the caldron of the top flight, Gunnarsson needs to ensure he grabs a coveted place in the Bluebirds starting XI.
It is a caldron of tribal and religious hatreds burdened by the humiliating memory of Ottoman imperialism and European colonialism.
Caldron has found out that all along the Mexican coast the people are in the habit of inoculating themselves with the poison of the rattlesnakes, and so they become safe from the bite of all venomous animals.
Once nicknamed Devil's Caldron, the plunge pool at the waterfall's base has since been dubbed Hell's Hole by local residents.
Up until now the job has been pretty labor intensive so, lets break out our old witch's caldron and use a magic potion of our own to do some of the work.