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Occurrence of a uraniferous-vanadiniferous graphitic phyllite in the Koli Nappes of the Stekenjokk area, central Swedish Caledonides.
In The Caledonides in the USA: geological excursions in the northeast Appalachians.
Briefly naming just a few of the works in English that describe exploration, Borge Fristrup's impressive volume The Greenland Ice Cap (1966) describes all the early ice sheet crossings, as well as the later detailed work of the Expeditions Polaires Francaises under the leadership of Paul-Emile Victor; and John Haller's geological description of northern East Greenland, Geology of the East Greenland Caledonides (1971), includes a 30-page history of geological exploration from 1822 (William Scoresby) up to 1958.
of Birmingham, UK) present geology professionals, students, and scholars with an overview of the East Greenland Caledonides within a modern plate-tectonic framework.
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Examples of specific topics include flow perturbation in shear zones, tectonic stratigraphy and structural continuity of the northernmost Moine Thrust Zone and Moine Nappe in the Scottish Caledonides, strain variations within a major carbonate thrust sheet of the Apennine collisional belt in southern Italy, geometry and evolution of the Mesoproterozoic Irumide Belt of Zambia, analogue models of basin inversion by transpression and the role of structural heterogeneity, strike-slip deformation within the Colombian Andes, and a global review of structural style and hydrocarbon prospectivity in fold and thrust belts.