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The Plantronics Calisto Pro features a compact landline handset and multi-function Bluetooth headset nested in a clean, elegant charging base.
Fraudulent activity is believed to have spilled into Latin America, primarily Ecuador, where Parmalat founder Calisto Tanzi allegedly hid more than US$800 million in company funds a month before the scandal broke out.
Calisto Tanzi, was arrested on allegation of fraudulent bankruptcy and is under investigation for misappropriating $994 million over the years as well as ordering employees to destroy files to sidetrack investigators, making false statements and abusing privileged financial information.
An investigation by Italian authorities into alleged fraud at the company has thus far netted the arrest of the company's founder and former chief executive, Calisto Tanzi, who has reportedly confessed to diverting some of the missing funds to private accounts.
Just days later Parmalat's founder and chairman Calisto Tanzi was arrested on suspicion of fraud and according to one of his lawyers, he has admitted diverting about pounds 300mof the company's funds.
Italian prosecutors have accused Parmalat founder Calisto Tanzi of misappropriating 800 million euros ($1 billion) from the company over the past decade.
An example, but one of many, is the discussion of Cavalli's opera La Calisto (1651) and Thomas Heywood's The Escapes of Jupiter (ca.
Rafael Velez Calisto, Arteta Arquitectos and Constructiva are among the most sought-after and prolific architects and firms.
Successivamente, la vicenda di Calisto e Melibea venne nuovamente tradotta a Venezia per ben dodid volte nel breve arco di tempo di 32 anni (dal 1519 al 1551).
Ramos and the three other athletes -- weightlifter Martinho DeAraugo, and marathon runners Calisto Da Costa and Aguida Amaral -- are scheduled to march and compete in white uniforms.
Parma, whose owner Calisto Tanzi makes Blackburn benefactor Jack Walker look short of a bob or two, have raked in nearly pounds 16m from Premiership clubs by unloading misfits whose best Serie A days are well and truly behind them.
The Calisto family includes the CES award winning Calisto 620, a multi-device speakerphone that connects to a PC and a mobile phone.