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The project came after the State Government announced in January 2016 that a new state secondary school would be built in Calliope by 2020 to provide a local option for secondary education.
The availability of these powerful, yet low-cost/low- power, Calliope solutions, certified for use on the world's leading LTE network, will spur development of numerous types of new devices that can operate for extended periods on batteries, added Karam.
Marie grabs a stake and stabs the scarecrow at the same time that Sam stabbed the Calliope down at the school basement.
CREDO's existing Calliope applications have proven the technology to be low risk, cost effective and repeatable over a wide range of depths and applications.
In what is probably the book's central scene, Calliope and her best friend (known only as "the Obscure Object") find themselves drinking in a cabin in the woods with the Object's older brother, Jerome, and his sinister friend, Rex Reese.
The products will be marketed under the Red Calliope brand for department and specialty stores, and under the Little Bedding label for open distribution.
Hence, there is no consistency in their minor tales--Terpsichore, for example, being named as the mother of several different men by various authors and Orpheus generally being called the son of Calliope but occasionally of Polymnia.
Credo recently entered into a Calliope license agreement with a mid-sized independent oil and gas producer to install Calliope on a pilot project.
Geotabs GO8 device is a powerful tool for fleet managers who need second-by-second data accuracy and location information, and we are very proud to see our Calliope LTE Cat 1 technology inside.
According to Sequans, it was the first chipmaker to launch and commercialize LTE Cat 1 technology, and the Calliope chipset and IoT-ready module are now certified and available for use on T-Mobile's network.
A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said planning permission was granted earlier this year and renovation and construction work on HMS Calliope is planned to begin after Christmas.