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Each level of the Tower will contain a fitness zone with callisthenic exercises that will test mental and physical strength, endurance, determination and will.
Here, Naismith blatantly challenged the notion of callisthenic individualism; in order for the team to be successful, he believed that everyone must choose to work together.
Goal ball, swimming, callisthenic, and running were other routine sports.
Each of the twenty five essays is short enough to read over breakfast and I imagine them being used by academics as early morning callisthenic exercises or performance enhancement supplements: you can use them to sharpen your sense of your own position (through agreements and disagreements); to find new ones; or simply to relish the arguments that matter to others.
This form of callisthenic love- making may have led to a slipped disc, but it is clearly an artist's celebration of the endless possibilities of sex.
Children's activities included callisthenic exercises and an obstacle course, followed by a refreshing dip in the pool.