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The top-hatted Calvin Coolidge who gazes out at readers from the cover of Amity Shlaes' engrossing new biography seems different from the caricature of the dry, parsimonious New Englander who is usually passed over on the historian's way to Herbert Hoover's crash and FDR's New Deal.
Grace and Calvin Coolidge returned to Northampton in 1929, and the former president died there in 1933.
That quote from Calvin Coolidge could be the mantra of two well-respected exercise experts.
5 Fifth: In the words of Calvin Coolidge, "The winning edge is not a gifted birth or a high IQ or in talent.
Nobody to remember Public Law 529, and what President Calvin Coolidge said about patriotism being easy to understand in America.
The New York Times featured his obituary on page one, summing up an extraordinarily dazzling and diverse career: successful magazine writer and editor; celebrated popularizer of Christian ideas; advertising trailblazer; public relations guru to presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover; Republican congressman from Manhattan's "silk-stocking" district; and, not least, rhetorical whipping boy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose jibes at the obstructionist lawmakers "Martin, Barton, and Fish" felicitously tripped off of the tongues of Democrats in the homestretch of the 1940 presidential campaign.
One of my favorite stories about politicians and religion deals with President Calvin Coolidge, who, as the story goes, was once approached by a reporter after attending a church service and asked what the sermon had been about.
The President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, invited her to the White House and called her "America's best girl.
Most notable of them was President Calvin Coolidge, a thrifty New Englander, who, upon receiving a request from the War Department to buy more aircraft, replied:
Despues en 1924 el presidente Calvin Coolidge fue el que determino que se celebrara todos los anos el tercer domingo de junio.
In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge told the Society of American Newspaper Editors that the business of America is business.