Camilo Cienfuegos

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Camilo Cienfuegos
BirthplaceLawton, Havana, Cuba
Nationality Cuba

Cienfuegos, Camilo


Born Feb. 6, 1932, in Havana; died Oct. 28, 1959. Cuban military and political figure and national hero.

Cienfuegos studied in a school affiliated with the Academy of Arts. Persecuted for his revolutionary activities, he emigrated to the United States in 1953 and again in 1956. In September 1956 he went to Mexico to join the forces of F. Castro Ruz. On Dec. 2, 1956, Cienfuegos and Castro landed in Cuba from the yacht Granma.

Cienfuegos demonstrated courage and talent as a strategist in combat with government troops. He received the rank of major in April 1958 and commanded partisan forces in the extensive territory between the cities of Manzanillo, Bayamo, and Victoria de las Tunas. While leading combat forces, he directed a successful revolutionary propaganda campaign among peasants. In August 1958 he was put in charge of the Antonio Maceo column and invaded the central provinces of Cuba. By December 1958, after a series of victories, his forces had gained control of the northern part of the province of Las Villas, with the administrative center at Yaguajay. After the victory of the revolution on Jan. 1,1959, Cienfuegos helped organize the revolutionary troops into the armed forces of the Republic of Cuba. Cienfuegos died in an airplane crash.

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Along the way he soaks up the sights and sounds of Havana, retraces the footsteps of the country's national hero Che Guevara, and visits the ghost town of Camilo Cienfuegos - a relic from Cuba's colonial sugar plantation era.
Tens of thousands of people were in the square where Cubans celebrate May Day beneath massive portraits of revolutionary leaders Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos built into the facades of state buildings.
The huge plaza is where Cubans celebrate May Day beneath massive portraits of revolutionary leaders Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos built into the facades of state buildings.
Project Description: This project will be developed in areas of Credit and Services Cooperatives (CCS) "Ciro Redondo" People%s Council MartE[degrees], Camilo Cienfuegos CCS and CCS Council of People Empowered (CCSF) "Alfonso Diaz Sandalio" located in the Council popular "Carlos Rodriguez" both the municipality MartE[degrees], Matanzas province.
Beards and mustaches have been more associated with those traditionally opposed to the government in power," he said, citing Cuba's Camilo Cienfuegos, as well as Che and Fidel, and the guerrillas that challenged authority during the 1960s.
The Camilo Cienfuegos refinery is the province's largest industrial facility and one of the most advanced in Cuba.
Among the items are Fidel's trip to New York, mobilizing the masses for the invasion, Cuba's economic plan, Cuba and the Kennedy plan, Camilo Cienfuegos, interview by Mrs.
supported dictator of Cuba, Fulgencio Bautista, was overthrown by the July 26th Movement under the leaders Fidel and Raul Castro, Che Guevera, Celia Sanchez, Vilma Espin, Haydee Santamaria and Camilo Cienfuegos.
The Camilo Cienfuegos PDV-Cupet Joint Venture Refinery has processed 35 million barrels of oil since its opening in 2008, reports Juventud Rebelde newspaper (Aug.
Camilo Cienfuegos (to his fellow rebels): The saying is true: The people are the sea, and we revolutionaries are the fish who swim in it.
Perhaps only next to Fidel and ChE[umlaut] in popularity and as a symbol of the revolution among the Cuban people, Camilo Cienfuegos was one of the Rebel Army's top two Comandantes, leading a 700-strong column responsible for attacking government troops in CamagE-ey and Las Villas.
The Cuban Tourist Board even advertises various health centres, for instance The Camilo Cienfuegos International Ophthalmological Centre in Havana, which treats retinitis pigmentosa or night blindness, the International Neurological Restoration Centre (CIREN) which specialises in neuro-transplants and the Frank Pais hospital, which focuses on orthopaedic surgery.