Camp Borden

Camp Borden,

large military training establishment, S Ont., Canada, NW of Toronto. It covers an area of 20,000 acres (8,094 hectares) and also includes an armored-vehicle range at Meaford, to the northwest.
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I went on a clerk admin group 1 course in 1959 to Camp Borden and was company clerk for Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada.
Then, if you pass the military's physical and psychological tests, you're posted to Camp Borden for basic training.
Dr James Gilbert, a native of Rugby, Warwickshire, who is captain in the Canadian Army Medical Corps Para-rescue Company, was called off a train travelling between Halifax and Camp Borden, Ontario, to make a hazardous parachute jump into a snowbound village to attend a dangerously ill eight-year-old girl last night.
IES certified photometric lab results and successful pilot field-testing conducted at Camp Borden military base have verified these industry-leading levels of performance.
According to Alex Savu, Energy Manager at Camp Borden military base in Canada (where the LED street light pilot test was performed), conventional HPS street lights consume 138 watts (100 watt HPS bulb plus the ballast which consumes an additional 38 watts) and the Remco prototype (a light engine and LED fixture within a cobra head fixture) consumed only 111 watts to generate 4770 useable lumens - a direct lighting replacement.
Named after Sir Frederick Borden, minister of militia under Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, Camp Borden was originally established as an infantry training centre.
After General Frank Worthington was forced to relinquish command of the 4th Armoured Division, he returned to Camp Borden in April 1944, this time as camp commandant.
Relocating to Camp Borden on May 1, 1938, it was renamed the Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicle School.
He is also one of the last real leaders and a real soldier, having commanded the Van Doos in Sicily and Italy and also was the Commandant of the School of Infantry in Camp Borden, Ont.
The tanks and other armoured vehicles were sent to Camp Borden where they sat abandoned in a vast wooden hanger for several years before it burned to the ground, reducing them to scrap metal.
Major "Jim" Quinn, an officer with a reputation for being "firm but fair", was tasked with forming what was originally entitled the "1/2 Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Squadron" in Camp Borden, Ontario.