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But veteran Egyptian strategist had warned against Sissi's move, saying it could lead to the transfer of the Nile water to Israel, explaining that current and former Israeli leaders had been calling for this since the 1979 signing of the Camp David peace agreement with the Jewish state.
Al-Ayyam daily highlighted the letter by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Egypt, demanding from it to withdraw the tanks it recently brought into the Sinai desert without prior coordination with Israel as required by the Camp David peace agreement between the two countries.
Mursi has also promised to construct "a modern, constitutional" state and to honor international treaties, including the Camp David peace agreement with Israel.
the Egyptian natural gas that is sold to Tel Aviv at reduced prices, depriving the Egyptian people of its revenues, before we arrive at the option of canceling the Camp David peace agreement.
The Camp David peace agreement was signed between Egypt and Israel in 1978 during the ruling of Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat.
Hawary said he started visiting Israel in the early 1980s, not long after Egypt's Camp David peace agreement with Israel.
He is a historic figure, we are told, involved in the groundbreaking Camp David Peace Agreement between Egypt's President Anwar Sadat and Israel's Prime Minister Menachim Begin.
Among them was former President Jimmy Carter, who brokered the Camp David peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1979.
Jimmy Carter's main success, the Camp David peace agreement, took place near the end of his second year in office.
There have been many calls for a referendum in Israel - in spite of the fact that the Camp David peace agreement with Egypt was not voted on by the people but was implemented on the basis of a vote in the Knesset.
Despite President Hosni Mubarak's present fury, it would be premature to predict that the Camp David peace agreement between Egypt and Israel is about to go up in smoke.
There is little doubt that the Camp David peace agreement is becoming somewhat of an embarrassment to the Egyptians due to Israel's aggressive war against Lebanon that robbed the lives of 1,200 civilians, its 22-day-long bombardment of Gaza leaving 1,400 dead and an almost two-year-long Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip that has impoverished its 1.