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Cid, El


(Spanish Cid Campeador, from the Arabic said, “lord,” and the Spanish campeador, “warrior”; real name Rodrigo Díaz de Bivar). Born between 1026 and 1043 in Bivar, near Burgos; died July 1099 in Valencia. Castilian knight famed for his heroic feats during the Reconquista.

El Cid defeated the Almoravides in the battle for Valencia, which he captured on June 15, 1094; he ruled over Valencia as an independent sovereign until his death. El Cid was idealized in the folk epos, as in the Cantar de Mío Cid. El Cid has been immortalized not only in the literary classics of Spain but also in those of other countries, for example, in works by P. Corneille in France and J. G. Herder in Germany.

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The link between enslaved blacks and Spain in the early modern English imagination provides a framework for reading Othello, a play which has been shown to be haunted by "Spanish spirits" Eric Griffins insightful reading of the play argues that the name Iago evokes the patron Saint of Spain, Santiago Matamoros or Saint James the Moor-slayer, while the villain Roderigo's name evokes Spain's great hero: "Rodrigo, the Christian name of 'Ruy' Diaz de Bivar, El Cid Campeador.
Las hiperbolicas descripciones de la fuerza fisica de los frailes llegan a tal punto de exageracion que, en varios poemas del Siglo de Oro, los frailes no solo se comparan ironicamente con los caballeros medievales sino que en la batalla amorosa se dicen ser mejores que el mismo Cid Campeador, imagen tradicional de fuerza y virilidad.
Christine, like El Cid Campeador, will continue winning battles long