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Canada Company,

land settlement company chartered in England in 1826. It was initiated by the Scottish novelist John Galt, who proposed that Upper Canada (Ontario) sell government lands in order to raise money to compensate settlers who had suffered losses from the War of 1812. Galt became (1827) the company's representative in Canada. The Canada Company acquired lands along the Lake Huron side of the S Ontario peninsula and founded Guelph and Goderich. In general the company was one of the most successful colonizing schemes, meeting its charter requirements by 1843. It remained in operation until the 1950s.
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Seeing the need to assist serving soldiers start their second careers, Canada Company launched its MET initiative in conjunction with the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada back in 2012.
According to an internal letter obtained by GM Authority, undersigned by GM Canada president and managing director, Steve Carlisle and distributed at GM's Oshawa Car Plant, GM of Canada Limited became GM of Canada Company yesterday, Monday, November 23rd.
Target Canada Company (NYSE:TGT), another big-box retailer from the U.
The acquired firm, with one location in Nova Scotia, will be integrated into Beacon Roofing Supply Canada Company.
Owned and operated by Teck Resources, a Canada company, the mine employs 485 year-round workers and creates nearly $50 million in total wages annually.
Sawyer Hill Road, civil matter of trailer from bankrupt Quebec, Canada company left in person's back yard.
Canada company 90% owned by commercial real estate owner Brookfield Properties Corporation, BPO Properties Ltd (BPP) (TSX:BPP) declared on Tuesday its plan to increase unit holders' monthly distribution when its proposal to create a real estate investment trust named Brookfield Office Properties Canada (pending stock symbol: BCR), is completed.
Co-sponsored by the STLHE and 3M Canada Company, the Fellowships are open to Canadian university teachers from all disciplines.
NYSE: SU), the Alberta, Canada company that explores, produces, and markets crude oil and natural gas, realized significant returns, thanks to a booming industry.
Stratford began life when William 'Tiger' Dunlop, an agent of the Canada Company, planted his surveyor's stakes around the area in December 1828.
Bringing together the businesses of Liqui-Box and Enhance, which both provide packaging systems for pumpable foods for retail applications, the new entity will operate as Liqui-Box, a DuPont Canada Company, with operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

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