Canada First movement

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Canada First movement,

party that appeared in Canada soon after confederation (1867). Its purpose was to encourage the growth of nonpartisan loyalty to the new dominion of Canada. In Toronto, in 1874, it founded the Nation and the National Club and entered the political field as the Canadian National Association, which encouraged immigration and native industry, and a more independent stance for Canada. Although its official career was short-lived, the party's ideals were expressed by Canadian writers and were absorbed by the older political parties. In this way the movement had an effect on the development of Canadian nationalism.


See W. S. Wallace, The Growth of Canadian National Feeling (1927).

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The significance of Canada First for this government cannot be overstated.
As it stands, Canada First is actually quite short on policy analysis.
This Canada First Defence Strategy included "proceeding with the major combat fleet replacements of surface combat ships, maritime patrol craft, fixed-wing search-and-rescue aircraft, fighter aircraft and land combat vehicles and systems" (PM 2008; emphasis added).
Not until June 19, when the complete policy document Canada First Defence Strategy was released, is the qualifier next-generation attached to "fighter aircraft" (DND 2008, p.
The Defence Minister harked back to Canada First Defence Strategy to justify the purchase of the JSF:
The Canada First defence strategy two years ago committed us to purchasing a next-generation fighter.
Canada first 15 runs: 11-8 44 and under, 7-4 45-57, 5 58 or more; Stan James - Bangladesh first 15: 6-5 under 52, 8-13 52 or more.
On the 10th anniversary of the date that Smithfield Canada first takes up and pays for any Schneider shares tendered to its offer, Smithfield Canada will redeem any Exchangeable Shares then outstanding.
wrote Canada Firsts out of concern that growing economic globalization threatens to "reduce the justice standards of the leading nations toward the lowest common country denominators.
Further, unlike the histories I read in school, Canada Firsts endeavors to record the contributions of the "first peoples," women, and other "minorities.
As for the serious, Canada Firsts heaps praise on us for giving citizens free postage to Members of Parliament while in session (though Lord knows we pay for it the rest of the time), and for our election financing and voter registration ("in thirty-four federal elections, the turnout was less than 70 per cent only five times").
But the specter of colonization at the hands of multinationals, spurred on by the North American Free Trade Agreement, is present throughout Canada Firsts.
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