Upper Canada

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Upper Canada:

see OntarioOntario
, province (2001 pop. 11,410,046), 412,582 sq mi (1,068,587 sq km), E central Canada. Land and People

Ontario, the second largest Canadian province, is the most populous and the leader in mineral, industrial, and agricultural output and in financial and
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Upper Canada

1. History (from 1791--1841) the official name of the region of Canada lying southwest of the Ottawa River and north of the lower Great Lakes
2. (esp in E Canada) another name for Ontario
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University Canada West (UCW) delivers programs that provide students with the applied and theoretical basis for success in the workplace and future academic endeavours.
The Canada West Equipment Dealers Association (CWEDA) represents approximately 400 farm, industrial, and power equipment dealers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.
Gibbons from the Canada West Foundation, and like the Conservative premiers of Saskatchewan and Alberta, Mr Harper is deeply committed to Alberta, and to a vision of Canada as an "energy superpower.
22) Reportedly, African American men in urban centres in Canada West found work "abundant" and "fairly rewarded.
The Canada West Foundation and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, a group patterned after our nation's Council on Foreign Relations, hosted the event.
The Canada West Foundation reported in 2004-2005 that 73 of 76 major industry associations in the West expect moderate to severe worker shortages within the next five years.
The Calgary Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and Canada West Foundation (CWF), a western think-tank, both say the money could be better spent.
During the 1850s, a very mobile Tubman spent time in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Canada West (the settlement of St.
CALGARY -- "Many Aboriginal issues are in reality urban issues," says a report, published by the Canada West Foundation.
Canada West also had plenty of chances to win courtesy of a number of dubious penalty decisions.
But we're not sure which side of the border we're on - it turns out to be a big 18-metre catamaran called Nadon, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Gendarmerie Royale du Canada West Coast Marine Detachment patrol vessel.

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