pedicularis canadensis

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wood betony

wood betony

Member of figwort family, (not the same as Stachys officinalis“Wood Betony”). A low growing hairy plant 5 to 14 inches tall (13-36cm)with up to five erect unbranched stems in a clump, topped with a whorl of tubular, dull colored red and yellow hooded flowers. Fernlike fuzzy alternating leaves. Entire plant edible. Aphrodisiac, anti-tumor, blood tonic, heart issues, stomach issues, ulcers, bloody diarrhea, tumors, headaches, dizziness, spleen, urinary, bladder and kidney issues, worm expeller, gout,. Grind up dry root and add to food or drink with liquid. More powerful on empty stomach. Fresh or dry leaves can be made into tea. Strong concentration used to take care of lice. Quite popular as an aphrodisiac.
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