Canadian Heritage Rivers System

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Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS)

Address:c/o Parks Canada
Ottawa, ON K1A0M5

Established: 1984. Description:Established by federal, provincial, and territorial governments to conserve and protect the best examples of Canada's river heritage, to give them national recognition, and to encourage the public to enjoy and appreciate them. Today, there are 39 Heritage Rivers across Canada, and more are being added to the system each year. Members: 15 (appointed by government).
Publications: Heritage Riverscapes Newsletter (annually); free. The Canadian Heritage Rivers System Annual Report (annually); free.

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On July 19, 2001 the Detroit River received a Canadian Heritage River designation, making it the first international heritage river system in North America.
This river, a recently designated Canadian Heritage River, is losing parts of its glacial heritage.
says its application to withdraw water from the Clearwater River falls within the Clearwater-Christian Rivers Management Plan guidelines for Canadian Heritage Rivers.

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