Canadian National Railway

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Canadian National Railway,

rail system in Canada and the United States, extending from coast to coast in Canada with many branch lines in each province and in the United States. The system began as an amalgamation of five separate railroad enterprises that were unified in 1922 under the ownership of the Canadian government. The company also operated telegraph, steamship, and hotel services; Canadian National divested its nonrail businesses during the 1980s and 90s. The company was privatized in 1995, and when the railroad purchased the Illinois Central in 1998, it became the fifth largest system in North America. In 1999, Canadian National announced a $6 billion merger with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe RailwayBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railway,
railroad system in much of the United States (except the Northeast) and in S Canada, created in 1995 from the merger of Burlington Northern Inc. and the Santa Fe Pacific Corp. (see Santa Fe RR).
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 to create the largest railroad in North America, but the deal was scuttled the following year after the U.S. Surface Transportation Board froze such mergers. Canadian National resumed its expansion in the United States in 2001, however, when it purchased the Wisconsin Central.
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Construction Supply intends to build a distribution facility on the newly-named Enterprise Boulevard, with a rail connection to the nearby Canadian National Railroad line.
The Chicago-area operations of Fore Transportation include a 28-acre terminal strategically located just north of interstate I-80, and adjacent to the Canadian National Railroad.
With these improvements, along with the direct rail link to the Canadian National Railroad, we believe the terminal is the most strategic terminal in the Gulf Coast region, a huge competitive advantage to win in the Illinois Basin coal export market," Henderson added.
The Canadian National Railroad in turn acquired them in 2001.
He previously served as Manager of Freight Operations for the Canadian National Railroad.
Through a coordinated effort with the Defense Contract Management Agency's Milwaukee, WI, office, CSXT put together pricing for a jointline move with the Wisconsin Southern Railroad (WSOR) and Canadian National Railroad from Oshkosh to Chicago.
She worked as a stenographer, first for the Canadian National Railroad and, after moving to the United States, for Southern Pacific Railroad, retiring after 25 years of service.
Meanwhile, the Canadian National Railroad is wrapping up its bid to operate the British Columbia Railroad, whose railhead at Fort Nelson, B.
Simmering tensions between Toronto-area cartage companies and the Canadian National Railroad reached the boiling point last month when a power blackout created a five-day logjam that led to hours-long wait times at CN's Brampton intermodal facility.
Ernie worked for the Canadian National Railroad, has sold insurance and worked in retail sales.
Jesse Ventura threatened to block the Canadian National railroad, whose track makes a short dip into the Minnesota to get around one of the lakes.
It is the north-south corridor connecting the Canadian National Railroad (CN) and the east-west line of CSX Transportation (CSXT).

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