Prairie Provinces

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Prairie Provinces,

Canada: see ManitobaManitoba
, province (2001 pop. 1,119,583), 250,934 sq mi (650,930 sq km), including 39,215 sq mi (101,580 sq km) of water surface, W central Canada. Geography
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; SaskatchewanSaskatchewan
, province (2001 pop. 978,933), 251,700 sq mi (651,903 sq km), W Canada. Geography

Saskatchewan is bounded by the Northwest Territories (N), Manitoba (E), North Dakota and Montana (S), and Alberta (W).
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; AlbertaAlberta
, province (2001 pop. 2,974,807), 255,285 sq mi (661,188 sq km), including 6,485 sq mi (16,796 sq km) of water surface, W Canada. Land and People

Alberta is bounded on the E by Saskatchewan, on the N by the Northwest Territories, on the W by British
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He helped bring the Canadian prairies into imagined being and is its own best creation.
Selections will be targeted to specific regions, from the plains of the Dakotas and Montana to eastern Washington and Texas and the Canadian Prairies.
At the same time parts of North Africa experience desertification as land dries out by up to 30 percent, and ocean warming of up to five degree Celsius off of Antarctica is likely to trigger widespread collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet, a region the size of the Canadian prairies.
The regime mixes heavy armour, infantry and artillery assets together and for the soldiers that means nights out in the arduous Canadian prairies, living out of their bag for days and weeks at a time - just as they would in Afghanistan.
There's a wide diversity of agriculture in The Western Producer's wide coverage region, which consists primarily of farmers and ranchers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba--the Canadian Prairies.
He immigrated to the Canadian prairies in 1917, fleeing ahead of the revolution.
These three books, seemingly quite different, when read together, reward us with a rich and complex picture of the immigrant experience in the cities of the Canadian prairies.
In the US and Canadian prairies, population estimates of many species declined, while populations increased in the boreal forest to the north, likely reflecting in part those birds that overflew the prairies because of drier habitat conditions there.
Population estimates of many species of ducks declined in the United States and Canadian prairies, while populations increased in the boreal forest to the north, likely reflecting in part those birds that overflew the prairies.
Winnipeg, the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba, is a more than just a beautiful city within the Canadian prairies.
Mike is about a young Irish-American girl traveling alone from Boston to the Canadian prairies, marrying a Mountie and living in remote stations where she and her husband face diphtheria epidemics among the Native populations, forest fires, the deaths of their babies--I read and reread this book and longed for challenging experiences in a wider world than the one I knew.

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