Canadian football

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Canadian football:

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any of a number of games in which two opposing teams attempt to score points by moving an inflated oval or round ball past a goal line or into a goal. Differing greatly in their rules, these include soccer (association football) and rugby, in addition to the games
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Canadian football

a game resembling American football, played on a grass pitch between two teams of 12 players
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In addition, he has held positions as offensive coordinator and associate head coach of the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League during the 2000 season while on leave from UCF.
Canadian football resembles American football in many fundamental ways, but is a significantly different game.
Former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli has signed with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League, the club announced Tuesday.
The 5-foot-8, 177-pound Mahmoudi played in college for the Montreal Carabins and was the 20th pick overall in last year's draft by the eight-team Canadian Football League (CFL).
Troy Westwood may be better known as one of Canadian Football League's more colorful kickers with 17 years in the CFL and playing with the Winnipeg Blues Bombers but thanks to his Aboriginal relations, he began his music career as one of the founders of Eagle & Hawk and then returned to music from football as Little Hawk.
Dolezel, 25, from London, Ontario had originally chosen Gridiron rather than rugby and was signed up by Canadian Football League side the Calgary Stampeders as a 295lb defensive tackle.
Overcoming my aversion to seasonally inappropriate acts--I hate leaves that turn in August or Christmas carols sung in September--some buddies and I made our annual midsummer creep over the border to cheer on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.
Those two went on bigger arenas--Swinton played for the NFL's Dallas Cowboys and two other NFL teams, while Carter spent last season with the Canadian Football League's Montreal Alouettes.
For example, there is a complete list of all Blue Bomber players, builders, and coaches who have been elected to the Bomber and the Canadian Football League's hall of fame; there is a list of the team's Presidents, General Managers, and Coaches for every season in the team's history; there is a win-loss record compiled for every season along with the position the team finished in the Canadian Football League's standings; and there is a complete list of the date, location, and outcome of every bomber playoff and Grey Cup game.
In the car this morning, just long enough to hear Shelagh Rogers interviewing 1950s Canadian Football league star Normie Kwong--the new lieutenant governor of Alberta.
The show also featured a keynote speaker for the first time: Michael "Pinball" Clemons, president and bead coach of the Canadian Football League's Toronto Argonauts.

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