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Traditional cancer therapies are nonspecific, designed to kill the cancer cells -- and everything else in its path.
Hotter temperatures also seem to have a dramatic effect on the immune system, says immunologist Elizabeth Repasky of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.
We purchased How to Fight Cancer & Win, and immediately my husband started following the recommended diet for his just diagnosed colon cancer.
It's no wonder then that Japan has become a hot bed for cancer remedy start-ups, offering everything from nanotech and broccoli sprout powder to new immunotherapy methods.
Those figures are undoubtedly higher now, notes the American Cancer Society, since they were based on women diagnosed before more recent treatment advances.
OGX-011 is a targeted therapeutic that sensitizes resistant tumors to conventional cancer therapeutics, such as chemotherapy, hormone ablation therapy and radiation therapy.
Below, we offer a list of common environmental causes of cancer.
Given these challenges, as activist-generated breast cancer research unfolded, tensions emerged from the mismatch between what investigators can achieve through prevailing epidemiologic research paradigms and what activists had hoped to accomplish in time to help their daughters.
We examine the concept of patient delay and the results of a wide range of studies of psychosocial factors so as to highlight implications for the study of testicular cancer.
Death rate declines have occurred in: cervical, ovarian and pancreatic cancer among women; oral, pancreatic, laryngeal and lung cancer among men; and, as a result, benefits in terms of declining lung cancer rates have yet to become apparent.
The elevated risk of breast cancer in current users of estrogen-only therapy did not vary with the type or dose of hormone, and was the same whether the estrogen was administered orally, transdermally or through implants.
The rapidly expanding American waistline contributes to 14 percent of cancer deaths in men and 20 percent in women, says the ACS.