Candied Fruit

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Candied Fruit


whole fruits or sections of them cooked in sugar syrup and partially dried. They are made from different types of fruit, mainly citrus fruit, as well as from green walnuts and from melon and watermelon rind. The ingredients are prepared as for jam and are then boiled in the syrup six or seven successive times at intervals of ten to 12 hours until the mixture thickens; the fruit is allowed to remain in the syrup in between the periods of boiling. The total cooking time is from three to four days. The hot cooked fruit is then turned out onto a screen or into a coarse strainer and dried in a drier at a temperature of 35°–40°C.

Candied fruit contains 14–17 percent moisture. The surface is covered with a crust of crystallized sugar. Candied fruit is used in making cakes, chocolates, cheesecakes, and several types of baked goods. It is packed in plywood boxes lined with parchment or parchment-like paper.


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This new manufacturing process promises to revolutionise the use of candied fruit in pastries, brioches, sorbets, chocolate and more, whether the candied fruit is mixed in, or used as decoration, explains the company.
Colour is back with inspirations like candied fruit, sorbet and macaroons for those with sweet tooth tendencies.
Christmas chocolate truffle bars Ingredients (makes 16-20) 150ml double cream 400g dark orange chocolate 1 level teaspoon mixed spice 100g salted butter 200g white marzipan cut into 1cm pieces 100g peeled pistachio nuts very roughly chopped 75g glace cherries halved 75g candied fruit Cocoa for sifting 1 x 20cm square spring form tin lightly greased with butter Method 1.
While a selection of Italian farmhouse cheeses and fruit mostarda (a northern Italian condiment made of candied fruit and mustard flavoured syrup) give a nod to those wanting something savoury to finish.
Rive Market (Boulevard Helvetique, Wednesday and Saturday mornings): Some highlights include organic heirloom vegetables, like Jerusalem artichokes, at Marie-Therese Deletraz's stand (she gives out recipes too); breads at Breztel Leonhard; Greek olive oil; Spanish hams (Pata Negra & Serrano), chorizo, salchichon Iberico, and Manchego cheese at El Rey del Jamon; olives from a number of nations, giant Italian capers, nuts, candied fruit, even Cramberie USA (American cranberries) at Jardin d'Epices.
Panettone also may be made with candied fruit and raisins, or with milk chocolate chips.
A high octane barley wine weighing in at 10 percent ABV, the Killer Penguin is both warming and smooth as ice, with creamy carbonation and candied fruit flavors.
Stollen is a type of German bread and is prepared with chopped candied fruit and/ or dried fruit and spices and flavoured with lemon zest or cinnamon.
Coastal gardeners might try fragrant fingered citron ('Buddha's Hand'), which makes delicious candied fruit.
According to a source at Kerry Ingredients France, management's decision to reduce the site's workforce is linked to the fall in fruit yoghurt and candied fruit consumption noticed for the past five years.
Its Panettone is prepared using a 40-hour method in which the dough is proofed using natural fermentation, natural yeast, 16% butter, 20% candied fruit and raisins and 4% egg yolks.
The candied fruit topping looked better than it tasted, though.