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25) In the service of Candlemass, worshipers took the part of the Virgin Mary, offering Christ to God the Father who then used this sacrificial giving to bestow grace in return.
Surrounding figures carry candles like those used in the Candlemas service.
As Eamon Duffy points out, "[t]he first of the five prayers of blessing in the ritual for Candlemas unequivocally attributes apotropaic power to the blessed wax, asking that 'wherever it shall be lit or set up, the devil may flee away in fear and trembling with all his ministers, out of those dwellings, and never presume again to disquiet your servants'" (16).
Given the centrality of Candlemas in English culture, it is not surprising that in all of the cycles the Purification emerges as the defining episode of the nativity plays.
This synchronizing of the two accounts conflicts with the rhythm of the medieval liturgical year which commemorated the Massacre prior to the Purification: Holy Innocents Day fell on December 28, while Candlemas, the traditional name for the Feast of the Purification, was celebrated on February 2.
Tonight is Candlemass Eve, when meetings of witches are supposed to be held.
WORLD BELOW Maestrom (Psychedoomelic)--Maestrom brings progress in the land of majestic doom metal, Heavy bombardments of their doomshine, Sabbath and Candlemass envy deepens my bottomless grave.