Caney Fork

Caney Fork,

river, 144 mi (232 km) long, rising in central Tenn. and flowing NW to the Cumberland River. On Caney Fork, part of the Tennessee Valley Authority, are Great Falls Dam and Center Hill Dam, which provide flood control and power for the surrounding area.
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Total suspended sediments and turbidity analysis of three sub-watersheds in the Caney Fork Basin, Putnam & Dekalb counties in Upper Cumberland Rim in Northeast Middle Tennessee.
Flora and vegetation of riverscour communities of Tennessee's Caney Fork River.
TVA has evaluated several options for a new transmission line that will provide power to Caney Fork Electric Cooperative?
Bradbury recounts a moment during the training in September when Gore gathered the first "messengers" at a spot on the family homestead along the Caney Fork River, which is featured prominently in his movie.
Prefix HONEYCUT 828/678/688 WALNUT CREEK 828/349/369/524 RELIEF 828/678/688 BARLOW FIELDS 828/389 MOUNT AIR 828/682 HARMONY GROVE 828/652/659 COUNTRY AIR 828/682 CARGLE BRANCH 828/680/689 PRICES CREEK 828/682 GRAPE CREEK 828/837/835 WILMONT/GATEWAY 828/497 BRUSHY CREEK 828/649 TILLY CREEK 828/293 BARNARD 828/649 LAUREL OAKS 828/293 SANTEETLAH 828/479 SPEEDWELL 828/293 BALSAM PRESERVE 1 828/586/631 CANEY FORK 828/293 BALSAM PRESERVE 2 828/586/631 UNIVERSITY 828/293 GOOSE CREEK 828/497 EAGLE RIDGE 828/743 HOLLY SPRINGS 828/349/369/524 TESSENTEE 828/349/369/524 CANEY CREEK 828/837/835 CLARK'S CHAPEL 828/349/369/524 ARBORS 828/652/659 ROSE CREEK 828/349/369/524 WALMART 828/652/659 ELIJAY 828/349/369/524 MEADOW FORK 828/622 WALNUT CREEK 828/349/369/524 HOBSON BRANCH 828/645/658
The Barrens topminnow (Fundulus julisia), recognized by the FWS as a species of management concern, exists only in the headwaters and tributaries of the Duck, Elk, and Caney Fork rivers in the Barrens region of Coffee, Cannon, and Warren counties in Tennessee.
From Caney Fork to Capitol Hill, Al Gore has never stopped striving
Get a haircut and buy some clothes" According to Maraniss and Nakashima, "In an instant, it seemed to the others, Gore had three new blue stats, new shirts, new shoes, no stringy sideburns, shorn hair, a new residence (moving from a Nashville apartment replete with beaded curtains and a waterbed to a suburban ranch house on 88 acres across the Caney Fork from his parents)"His positions underwent a parallel makeover.
Dragonwood Farm, home to the Shepherd's Green Pig Sanctuary, is what remains of an original Revolutionary War grant that encompassed an entire valley along the Caney Fork River, just under the Cumberland Plateau.
When combined with the previous donation, today's gift opens approximately 15 miles of the Caney Fork River and its tributaries to public access.
Analysis of Toxic Release Inventory in the Caney Fork Watershed.
is an endangered species endemic to the Caney Fork River drainage upstream of Great Fails, in central Tennessee.