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Tin does not occur naturally by itself, and must be extracted from a base compound, usually cassiterite, stannite, cylindrite, franckeite, canfieldite, and teallite.
1-cm spherical Llallagua vauxite on page 50; the thumbnail-size Colquechaca canfieldite on page 67; the surprising 8.
He also spent time in the mines in Bolivia and discovered the mineral that was eventually named after him: canfieldite.
The exhibit also held rare franckeite, andorite, helvite and canfieldite specimens, all from South America.
The same fine Smithsonian case contained a 5 x 5-cm Bolivian phosphophyllite twin and a canfieldite cluster from Bolivia with sharp gray 1-cm crystals; in a separate case (under constant armed guard) the Smithsonian folks placed the nearly-baseball-size 858-carat "Gachala" emerald crystal from Colombia, and a lavish emerald/diamond necklace once owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post.
Tapacari Stibnite, sulfur; see La Sorpresa Tapi Chalcostibite, stibnite Tarabuco Amethyst, chalcedony, copper, cuprite, zeolites Tarapaya Hematite Tarumita Celestine, cervantite, cinnabar on stibnite, tripuhyite Tatasi Andorite, canfieldite (?
As part of the middle stage mineralization in the northern periphery of the ore deposit, canfieldite, hocartite, stannite, hessite, argentite, pyrargyrite, stephanite, polybasite and native silver were deposited, characteristically accompanied by minor cassiterite, arsenopyrite and chlorite.