see KannurKannur
, formerly Cannanore
, town (1991 urban agglomeration pop. 463,962), Kerala state, SE India. Formerly the capital of the Kolattiri Raja, it traded with Arabia and Persia in the 12th and 13th cent.
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, India.
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Tenders are invited for Provision Of Certain Civil Works At Dsc Centre Kannur Under Age(I) Cannanore.
Former Kerala Ranji Trophy captain and coach Sony Cheruvathoor played in the tournament and autographed a cricket ball along with Cannanore District Cricket Association Treasurer C.
Lords of the sea; the Ali Rajas of Cannanore and the political economy of Malabar (1663-1723).
THE APPAM, which is one dish from Kerala that every Delhiite is familiar with, owes its existence to the Dutch who were briefly present in Cochin, Quilon and Cannanore ( the home base of the Surianis); the other item similarly influenced is the idiappam , or the string hoppers.
Some of these are simple inconsistencies, as when Qutb al-Din Aibek's last name is spelled Aibak on occasion, or the place usually called Cannanore is variously referred to as Kannur, Cannor, and Cannore.
For example, Fort Janjira, near Cannanore, is a sea-girt fortress and is only reached by transferring from the ship's tenders to small local sailing dinghies called hodis.
The 53-year-old priest is the founder of the Samskriti Cultural Research and Action Institute in Cannanore, a city in the Indian state of Kerala.
Tenders are invited for Special Repairs To Bldg No Mh-03 (Medical Store, To Flooring, Ceiling, Ventilation, Wire Mesh And Internal Wiring In Bldg No Mh-04 At Mh Kannur Under Age Indep Cannanore
According to neighbours, Ashokan, who hails from Cannanore district in southern Indian state of Kerala, had worked until the early hours of yesterday, which is a public holiday in Oman.
Tenders are invited for Term Contract For Artificers Works For Zone (B) Area At Cannanore Under Age (I) Cannanore
Tenders are invited for Repair And Replacement Of Ltug Cable Of Different Sizes At Dsc Centre At Cannanore Under Age (I) Cannanore
Tenders are invited for Repairs To Roof, Ceiling, Flooring, Plinth Protection And Joinery Etc In Certain Otm Buildings At Zone (A) Area And Provn Of Flooring In Building No Wl-12 At Cannanore Under Age (I) Cannanore