Cape Breton Island

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Cape Breton Island,

island (1991 pop. 161,686), 3,970 sq mi (10,282 sq km), forming the northeastern part of N.S., Canada, and separated from the mainland by the narrow Gut, or Strait, of Canso. The easternmost point is called Cape Breton. The center of the island is occupied by the Bras d'Or salt lakes. Gently sloping in the south, the island rises to rugged hills in the wilder northern part. The inhabitants are mainly of Scottish Highlander descent. There are many summer resorts on the lakes and fishing villages on the coast. In the northeast are steelworks, once fueled by the extensive Sydney coal fields, which were worked from the 1720s to 2001.

The Cabot Trail, a scenic road through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, commemorates the discovery of Cape Breton Island in 1497 by John CabotCabot, John,
fl. 1461–98, English explorer, probably b. Genoa, Italy. He became a citizen of Venice in 1476 and engaged in the Eastern trade of that city. This experience, it is assumed, was the stimulus of his later explorations.
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. The island was a French possession from 1632 to 1763. After the Peace of Utrecht (1713) many Acadians migrated there from mainland Nova Scotia, which was ceded to the English. They renamed the island Île Royale and established the fortress at LouisburgLouisburg
, town (1991 pop. 1,261), E Cape Breton Island, N.S., Canada. The town, an ice-free port, is near the site of the great fortress of Louisbourg, built (1720–40) by France as its Gibraltar in America.
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. With the final cession of Canada to the British (1763), Cape Breton was attached to Nova Scotia. It was made a separate colony in 1784, with SydneySydney,
city (1991 pop. 26,063), Cape Breton Island, N.S., Canada, on the northeast coast at the head of the South Arm of Sydney Harbour. It is the port and the commercial, trade, and industrial center in a former coal-mining area.
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 as its capital, but was rejoined to Nova Scotia in 1820.


See history by R. J. Morgan (2 vol., 2008–9).

Cape Breton Island

an island off SE Canada, in NE Nova Scotia, separated from the mainland by the Strait of Canso: its easternmost point is Cape Breton. Pop.: 120 098 (1991). Area: 10 280 sq. km (3970 sq. miles)
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andersoni) introduced from Alberta, after the extirpation or near-extirpation of the endemic species, exist in northern Cape Breton Island.
In this paper we examine the impacts of moose (Alces alces andersoni) on regeneration of balsam fir and white birch (Betula papyrifera) following an outbreak of spruce budworm on northern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.
Cape Breton Island has been especially prolific in the number of master fiddlers and pianists it has produced.
As a dejected Champlain and his colonists boarded the Kirkes' ships at Quebec, a French fleet was approaching Cape Breton Island.
In Canada, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton Island are widely recognized as places with unparalleled cultural heritage and where people have fervent attachment to land and community.
Those looking for more majestic transport might consider chartering the Elsie - the sailing boat built for Alexander Graham Bell, which is moored on the Bras d'Or lake on Cape Breton island.
The Government of Canada, through the Cape Breton Growth Fund and HRDC, is pleased to help Stream International establish these employment opportunities on Cape Breton Island.
The southeastern highlands of central Cape Breton Island rise to an altitude of 300 m forming a plateau of Late Neoproterozoic basement rocks adjacent to lowland valleys and a coastal plain underlain by Carboniferous sedimentary rocks of the Horton and Windsor groups.
She hosts concerts there with highly regarded traditional music performers such as Andrea Beaton, a fiddler from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and Cillian Vallely, of Armagh, Northern Ireland, who plays traditional Irish music on the uilleann pipes and low whistle.
This is the first station along Cape Breton Island s Bras d Or Lake.
The most impressive part of the book is the collection of photographs that MacDonald gathered from a multitude of different museums and private collections across Cape Breton Island.
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, was the home of five Canadian boxing champions during the mid-1960s.

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