Cape Helles

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Helles, Cape

(hĕl`əs), southernmost point of the Gallipoli peninsula, NW Turkey. It commands the entrance to the Dardanelles.
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November 1915: A British soldier pays his respects at the grave of a colleague near Cape Helles close to the Gallipoli landings
On September 19, 2015, the RNLR added to the Turkish Veterans Day events by staging their first-ever ceremony at the Cape Helles Memorial on the Canakkale Peninsula.
We visited Chunuk Bair, Lone Pine and Anzac Cove, and Cape Helles where the ships lost are remembered.
He offered prayers and laid floral wreath at the Mehmecik Memorial (Turkish War Soldiers) and at the Cape Helles during the Commonwealth Commemoration Ceremony.
The father an swa son also attended a Commonwealth and Ireland ceremony at the Cape Helles memorial.
That date was the first day of the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign, in which the 1st Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers, which had its headquarters at Berwick Barracks, landed at Cape Helles.
Its chairman, Captain Christopher Fagan, said: "It is a great honour for the Gallipoli Association to have been invited by the UK Government to assist with this opportunity for British descendants to attend the service at Cape Helles.
In April 1915, Goliath found herself supporting the Gallipoli landings, and Charles volunteered to help man the small boats taking the soldiers ashore at Cape Helles under heavy fire.
His battalion landed at Cape Helles, on the Gallipoli coast, in May 1915.
A British soldier | paying his respects at the grave of a colleague near Cape Helles.
Seaman George Samson was shot 19 times while helping rescue injured comrades during the landing at Cape Helles.
The Victorians were amazed at the different terrain they now encountered; after a week or so clambering up thorny, scrub-covered, steep hills, and down gullies, the scene at Cape Helles was that of rolling open fields, studded with a few olive trees, and fresh running water in the nearby streams.