Cape York Peninsula

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Cape York Peninsula,

280 mi (451 km) long, N Queensland, Australia, between the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Coral Sea. It is largely tropical jungle and sparsely populated. The Northern Peninsula Aboriginal Reserve is there. Weipa (1991 pop. 2,510) is the largest town.
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Eighteen years after Donald Thomson first met the local Sandbeach People camped beside the Stewart River estuary on north-eastern Cape York Peninsula, he wrote eloquently of that moment as a vivid experience.
You put any group of people in a condition of overwhelming reliance upon passive welfare support and within three decades you will get the same social results that my people in Cape York Peninsula currently endure.
The 1998 incursion was more widespread, with JE activity from the Torres Strait south to the Mitchell River on Cape York Peninsula (3).
With regard to Central Cape York Peninsula, Austin-Broos is both simultaneously close to the mark and wide of it when she writes that:
xi)--Jack's 1879-1880 map of the Cape York Peninsula was lost before the accompanying report was tabled in Parliament, and although Jack was able to reconstruct much of the detail, it is still (one hopes) awaiting rediscovery.
Fostering autonomy discussions underway in Torres Strait, the Premier's partnership initiative with Noel Pearson and communities on Cape York Peninsula, and the Combined Aboriginal Nations of Central Australia (CANCA) in their grass-roots exploration of workable options under indigenous control to solve deep problems is one part of a solution.
MONTREAL, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcan Aluminium Limited (NYSE: AL) has commissioned its Australian subsidiary, Alcan South Pacific Pty Limited, to carry out a detailed feasibility study and environmental impact statement on the development of its Cape York Peninsula bauxite reserves in Northern Queensland, Australia.
Edgeground axes, found in Pleistocene contexts in the Kimberley, Arnhem Land and Cape York Peninsula (as well as in the New Guinea Highlands and parts of southeast Asia), only appear in the rest of Australia in the mid to late Holocene.
In May, the Queensland government decided to take a different route in generating a regional plan for Cape York Peninsula.
1248006) joined by a National Geographic film crew as he ventured into the Cape Melville mountain range on the Cape York Peninsula early this year.
This is a gem of a book because it tells-in plain English and through fascinating photography--the little known story of the rainforests of Cape York Peninsula, living reminders of our continent's biogeographical connection with New Guinea.
Paddy Bassani and Albert Lakefield--senior Lamalama men--and their relative, Tommy George, visited the Cape York Peninsula Lakefield National Park in 1996 with their friend Tom Popp (ATSIC's Cairns regional manager) to whom they related stories about their country, which includes part of the Park and the coast and waters of Princess Charlotte Bay.