Cape York Peninsula

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Cape York Peninsula,

280 mi (451 km) long, N Queensland, Australia, between the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Coral Sea. It is largely tropical jungle and sparsely populated. The Northern Peninsula Aboriginal Reserve is there. Weipa (2016 pop. 3,905) is the largest town.
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Albatross Bay, near Weipa on western Cape York Peninsula (Figure 1), evidences a coastal archaeological landscape that includes a spectacularly diverse array of shell mounds as well as other shell-bearing sites including dispersed scatters and concentrated non-mounded middens.
The Moon's shadow crosses the entire Cape York Peninsula in just over 100 seconds and reaches the Pacific coast of Queensland at 20:39 UT.
84 metre-long male - travelled more than 411 km in only 20 days from the east coast of Cape York Peninsula through the Torres Straits to the Wenlock River on the west coast of Cape York.
185); and, drawing on his work in central Cape York Peninsula, Benjamin Smith argues that current attempts to 'push Aboriginal people away from the past in order to effect "progress" and "development"' (pp.
In no small measure his rich understanding of these saltwater Aborigines led me on a saltwater journey of my own on Cape York Peninsula, the Torres Strait Islands and beyond.
In Cape York Peninsula we are developing plans to combat the substance abuse epidemics.
Large incursions of the virus in 1995 and 1998 were linked with low-pressure systems that sustained strong northerly winds from New Guinea to the Cape York Peninsula.
Paul Keating's 1992 Redfern speech launching the Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples, and Noel Pearson's 1999 Brisbane talk denouncing what he calls `negative welfare' and its impact on indigenous communities in the Cape York Peninsula are printed in full here, making these two important and much-quoted pieces more accessible than they have been.
This paper undertakes a survey of traditional and non-traditional production activities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland, Australia.
But you may not realize that you can round out a Barrier Reef vacation with a journey up Cape York Peninsula touching the northernmost tip of Australia's northernmost state in a four-wheel-drive safari as memorable, in its way, as the beauty that flickers before a snorkeler's mask.
5 million Cape York Region Package, which was upgrading critical infrastructure on the Cape York Peninsula.
His people, dozens of them baking beneath the tin roof of the Lockhart River community hall, way up the Cape York Peninsula east coast, plead with their eyes for him to continue.