Capital cost

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Capital cost

The prime cost of construction, including acquisition of the land or existing structure, design, materials, equipment and erection or renovation.

capital cost

The cost of acquiring a building, including any substantial improvements the building may require.
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These charts cover the capital costs of investment in sinter, coke, DRI, blast furnaces, BOF plants, EAFs, induction furnaces, slab casting, billet and bloom casting, heavy plate, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, hot dip galvanised sheet, tin plate, organic coated sheet, heavy sections, steel bar, wire rod, drawn wire, welded tube, seamless tube, pellets, washed coal, lime, PCI, air separation, power plant and more," he added.
For capital cost, the same measure was higher and somewhat more variable, ranging from .
TEI is concerned that this decision will impair the international competitiveness of capital intensive industries that have experienced dramatic reductions in their capital cost allowance claims as a result of the tax reform -- i.
Such a model would reduce the capital costs of the equipment required for chemical recovery and energy production, while ensuring cleaner air and cleaner water from the pulp mill.
Under this contract, PSE&G underwrites the full capital cost of the system because it anticipates significant energy savings over time.
There are additional capital costs associated with certain LEED prerequisites and credits; for example, some energy-efficient mechanical equipment, control and monitoring devices simply cost more.

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