Capital cost

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Capital cost

The prime cost of construction, including acquisition of the land or existing structure, design, materials, equipment and erection or renovation.

capital cost

The cost of acquiring a building, including any substantial improvements the building may require.
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Typical reasons for variations in per-tonne steel sector capital costs are outlined.
The article identifies several problems in accounting for capital-cost variation and concludes that is preferable to use the analysis of total cost (the sum of capital and operating cost) to develop a common set of adjustments for the capital and operating prospective payments rather than to use the analysis of capital cost to develop separate capital payment adjustments.
Generally, capital costs are the obligation of the landlord and not included in operating expenses.
TEI is concerned that this decision will impair the international competitiveness of capital intensive industries that have experienced dramatic reductions in their capital cost allowance claims as a result of the tax reform -- i.
Assessment of electricity costs for different technologies in terms of the two fundamental yardsticks used for cost comparison, capital cost and the levelized cost of electricity.
The low capital cost of the GE electrolyzer would make it competitive with other hydrogen production methods such as natural gas reforming.
When the sum of an asset's capital cost and manufacturing cost exceeds the price, the asset falls to the right of the price line and the asset is destroying value.
A letter of intent executed by an affiliate of Enterprise and TEPPCO in February 2006 provided that Enterprise would manage the construction and fund the initial capital cost of the Phase V expansion.
Under this contract, PSE&G underwrites the full capital cost of the system because it anticipates significant energy savings over time.

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