Capital cost

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Capital cost

The prime cost of construction, including acquisition of the land or existing structure, design, materials, equipment and erection or renovation.

capital cost

The cost of acquiring a building, including any substantial improvements the building may require.
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These charts cover the capital costs of investment in sinter, coke, DRI, blast furnaces, BOF plants, EAFs, induction furnaces, slab casting, billet and bloom casting, heavy plate, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, hot dip galvanised sheet, tin plate, organic coated sheet, heavy sections, steel bar, wire rod, drawn wire, welded tube, seamless tube, pellets, washed coal, lime, PCI, air separation, power plant and more," he added.
Medicare capital costs consist of Medicare's share of a hospital's depreciation and interest expenses, plus capital-related insurance costs, property taxes, leases, and rent.
Generally, capital costs are the obligation of the landlord and not included in operating expenses.
Selective processes can dramatically improve the value of the resources, and improved operational methods can significantly reduce the complexity and capital costs required.
The survey provides a warning about comparing the capital costs of melting systems.
India ($1,080/kW - $1,250/kW) and China ($1,360/kW C 1,370/kW) show the lowest capital costs and the USA ($1,830/kW) and Brazil ($1,670/kW) the highest.
As 1999 unfolds, REITs will be much more focused on their existing portfolios for earnings improvements in the form of increased occupancy, higher rents, and lower operating and capital costs.
Department of Energy has identified electrolyzer capital costs as a major barrier to the competitiveness of hydrogen fuel for transportation.
The key to a successful negotiation is the creation of a new rental structure based on three factors: projected market conditions; the reduction in the landlord's capital costs that tenant retention makes possible; and the tenant's remaining lease obligation.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Kysor Industrial Corporation (NYSE: KZ) announced today that the Cadillac Local Development Finance Authority has completed the permanent placement of bonds to pay the anticipated capital costs for an area-wide groundwater cleanup facility in the Cadillac Industrial Park, located in Cadillac, Michigan.

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