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, Ital. Capodistria, town (1991 pop. 24,704), in Slovenia, on the Istrian peninsula in the Gulf of Trieste. It is a fishing port and has salt mines and a radio factory. From 1278 until 1797 the town was the capital of Istria under Venetian rule.
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, Slovenia.
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Saggio di bibliografia istriana, pubblicato a spese di una societapatria, Capodistria, G.
Foscolo refers here to Giovanni Conte di Capodistria, Ministro degli Esteri delle Russie, who at the time resided in London.
gt;> Dopo la fine della seconda guerra mondiale, Trieste e il suo territorio vennero nominati "Territorio Libero di Trieste" (TLT, 1947-1954), diviso in due zone: la Zona A, amministrata da un governo militare alleato anglo-americano; la Zona B, comprensiva dell'Istria Nord-Occidentale, amministrata dall'esercito Jugoslavo, con sede amministrativa a Capodistria, cf.
Capodistria oedd yr enw Eidalaidd ar y lle, ac roedd y geiriau ar y pacedi cawl yma yn gwbl ddwyieithog - Slofeneg ac Eidaleg.
I encountered great and almost unimaginable problems in my attempts to contact the mayor and deputy mayor of the bilingual municipality of Koper/ Capodistria.
The elder Pier Paolo Vergerio of Capodistria, for instance, was not "a Florentine writer" (73); staia of wheat, a solid, should not be converted into liquid measures (175, 241).
As part of the process of constructing a Kulturbesitz, the organizers of the conference invited two speakers, Lovro Zupanovic and Ivano Cavallini, to compare Gallus with two composers active east of the Adriatic: Julije Skjavetic (Giulio Schiavetti) in what is now Croatia and Nicolo Toscano, maestro di cappella at Capodistria in 1584.
Tele+l channels are those that Berlusconi could spare from his three networks, while Tele+2 is no other than the old Tele Capodistria network (formerly originating from Slovenia).
In Capodistria under Pier Paolo Vergerio, Venice, Udine, and Modena (her principal test cases) the work helped to reinforce a wide range of heretical beliefs, at the same time as it fostered social solidarity, sometimes cutting across class lines, especially at Modena.
Implementing agency : Osnovna ola Elvire Vatovec Prade - Koper Scuola elementare Elvira Vatovec Prade - Capodistria
In his youth in Capodistria, Vergerio and his family had celebrated annually the feast of St.
The men who most influenced Alexander's foreign policy were Nesselrode, Czartoryski, Capodistrias, Pozzo di Borgo, and Christopher Lieven.