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Frank. 1896--1992, US film director born in Italy. His films include It Happened One Night (1934), It's a Wonderful Life (1946), and several propaganda films during World War II.



a genus of artiodactyl mammals of the family Bovidae. Capra are somewhat larger than domestic goats; the massive trunk stands on comparatively short, thick legs; the tail is short. In males the horns are large and of varied shapes; in females they are very small. The males, and sometimes the females, have a long-haired “beard.” The males have glands alongside the anus that manufacture a secretion with a sharp, unpleasant odor. Females have two teats. The coat consists of a coarse wool and a down (underfur) that is well developed only in winter.

Capra are found in North Africa, Europe, and Asia. The approximately ten species of Capra comprise four groups: (1) Capra proper, which have horns curved in a saber shape with a drop-shaped cross section—for instance, the wild goat; (2) ibexes, with horns bent in a saber shape and a triangular cross section with a flat anterior facet—for example, the alpine ibex (C. ibex) and the Siberian ibex; (3) markhors, with horns curved in a spiral or screw shape and an elliptical cross section —for example, the markhor C. falconeri; and (4) mountain goats, with variously bent horns and rounded-triangular cross sections—for instance, the Caucasian mountain goat (C. caucasica).

All Capra members are typical mountain animals that inhabit inaccessible rocky places to altitudes of 5,500 m. They move over rocky ledges and the most inaccessible steep slopes with exceptional agility. They are polygamous herd animals. The size of their herds changes with the seasons (the herd is larger in winter). In summer they usually live high in the mountains, descending in winter. They feed on grassy and woody-shrub vegetation and sometimes on lichens. They mate at the onset of winter, at which time the males fight for the females. Gestation is five months. One or two young are born in May and June. Capra are valuable game animals for their meat, hide, and horns. Wild Capra are the progenitors of domestic goats, with which they crossbreed and produce fertile offspring.


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For instance, a 1944 "Arsenic" press kit credited Capra with saying the picture "was a demonstration of the fact that comedy is closely allied to tragedy and that it doesn't take much of a push to send the dramatic see-saw from tears to giggles and back again.
Having not done any commercial ventures for four years while working for the Office of War Information, Capra faced what he called "a loneliness that was laced with the fear of failure," Jeanine Basinger wrote in "The It's a Wonderful Life Book.
The firm was started in 1980 by Richard La Capra and has operated as an independent consulting services firm ever since.
Capra was awarded the rank of Major and was assigned to work directly under Army Chief of Staff George Marshall (who later would become Secretary of State under Truman and masterminded the Marshall Plan).
Capra, like Lincoln, believed that our inherited political edifice of liberty and equal rights is a fundamental good.
Capra managed to produce Prelude to War (1942) without scrutiny, which greatly annoyed Mellet and others, but General George Marshall loved the film.
Chandler, after all, uses Schillerian conflict to set up his equally convincing readings of how the techniques of Sterne and Capra were heavily used by many writers of the 1790s to the 1920s who literally came between them.
We are incredibly honoured that chef Capra was able to join us for this inaugural event," said Keith Hunter, senior vice-president, QDF.
A new Italian restaurant developed in partnership with celebrity chef Massimo Capra has opened at Hamad International Airport in Doha, with the man himself flying in to attend the launch event.
Capra was allegedly 20 feet from a public road using a leaf blower to clean his driveway.
Here, Capra attempts to describe Leonardo's science as organic and "living"--in stark opposition to "mechanistic" science that emerged later and dominated the Western civilization.