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Capricornus scores all but one of the sacred concertos of the Geistliche Harmonien III for three solo voices, two or three obbligato instruments (usually two violins plus trombone or bassoon), and basso continuo.
You should be able to track its progress through Capricornus, making obvious moves from night to night.
Fanning completed his double when riding 1-5 shot Duellist to an easy six-length win in the maiden, but Fanning and Johnston met a reverse in the 7f handicap when 4-6 shot Capricornus could manage only fourth of five behind 10-1 shot Cuthbert, who scored for trainer William Jarvis and jockey Paul Hanagan.
Lying in a watery region of the sky along with Pisces (the Fishes), Cetus (the Whale) and Capricornus (the Sea Goat), Aquarius (the Water Carrier) is an ancient constellation.
Uranus and Neptune are both twilight objects and located quite low down on the southern horizon in the constellations of Aquarius and Capricornus respectively.
Deep-sky objects Designation Type and constellation Messier 2 globular cluster in Aquarius NGC 6934 globular cluster in Delphinus Messier 72 globular cluster in Aquarius Saturn Nebula planetary nebula in Aquarius Messier 15 globular cluster in Pegasus Designation Type and constellation Messier 30 globular cluster in Capricornus NGC 7243 open cluster in Lacerta Helix Nebula planetary nebula in Aquarius NGC 7331 galaxy in Pegasus
Neptune lies in Capricornus, and is at opposition on August 20, but high power will be needed to resolve its tiny 2.
Joe Fanning, rider of Capricornus "I think he has got a big chance.
Find them over in the south/south-east in the constellations of Aquarius for Uranus and Capricornus for Neptune.
Using binoculars or a telescope, look for Uranus and Neptune near to the south-eastern horizon in the constellations of Aquarius and Capricornus, respectively.
Mercury starts in Ophiuchus, crosses over into Sagittarius for most of the month before it slips into Capricornus near month-end.