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Bligh, William

(blī), 1754–1817, British admiral. He is chiefly remembered for the mutiny (1789) on his ship, the BountyBounty,
British naval vessel, a 220-ton (200-metric-ton), 85-ft (26-m) cutter, commanded by William Bligh. She set sail for the Pacific in Dec., 1787, to transport breadfruit trees from the Society Islands to the West Indies. On Apr.
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, but he had a long and notable career. He was sailing master on Capt. James Cook's last voyage (1776–79). Later he was a commander in the French wars, then (1805–8) governor of New South Wales, where he was briefly imprisoned (1808) by army mutineers in the so-called Rum Rebellion. Bligh was made a rear admiral in 1811 and a vice admiral in 1814. A brave and able officer, he was handicapped in dealing with men by his difficult temper.


See J. Barrow, The Mutiny of the Bounty (1989); S. McKinney, A True Account of Mutiny Aboard His Majesty's Ship Bounty (1989).

Bligh, William

(1754–1817) naval officer accused of practising unfair and illegal cruelties. [Br. Hist.: EB, II: 82; Am. Lit.: Mutiny on the Bounty]
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In a further attack on Captain Bligh, the MPs said they were far from confident that he recognises the problems.
Earlier, we had lunch with the cast in a former church, final resting place of Captain Bligh of The Bounty fame and now a gardening museum.
I was happy that we showed him asking the crew because I had become friends with Billy's sister Roberta and her main concern was in not making him out to be some sort of Captain Bligh.
A paint box thought to have been used by Captain Bligh on the Bounty is expected to fetch up to pounds 5,000 at Christie's in London.
Mike Whatmore is giving a talk, St Vincent, Captain Bligh, the Bounty and Breadfruit, to the Houghall Horticultural Society at 7.
An episode which definitely was mutiny was the seizing of HMS Bounty on April 4, 1789, from Captain Bligh by Fletcher Christian.
Whip-master Piggott administers more lashes than Captain Bligh to get Guy Harwood's Criterion home from John Sutcliffe's Oratavo (M Hills) and the Barry Hills' favourite Indian Trail (S Cauthen).
The attractions of the native girls must have been a more powerful incentive than any harshness by Captain Bligh.
The seven-week expedition aboard the 25ft long, 7ft wide, open wooden vessel, was due to start yesterday, 221 years after the original crew of HMS Bounty, including Captain Bligh, were cast adrift in the middle of the Pacific without navigation charts and with just two weeks worth of food and water.
As the repressed Captain Bligh, a fiery Hopkins seemed to be living out his character's demons, and made no secret of his disdain for Donaldson, whom he regarded as arrogant and inexperienced; it was the director's Hollywood debut and only his third feature.
And Captain Bligh with his ship The Bounty, which sailed those mystery trips