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It is important to reach a good, bitter caramelisation - you can check by carefully lifting up the rhubarb with a palette knife.
In fact, it was already reported that the temperature in the later stages of MW and hot air drying can easily involve scorching and caramelisation in high sugar material [21].
There are Government standards that allow us to have certain levels of caramelisation in the product," she said.
It's not difficult to get a degree of caramelisation in sugar.
The dark colour of the fruit comes from the caramelisation of natural sugars during drying.
Do not attempt to stir the apples, but merely shake the pan carefully to assist the caramelisation.
I have added sugar to speed up the caramelisation of the onions, but if you would prefer it less sweet, leave the sugar out and give the onions a little more cooking time.
It's only the thin skin of the butternut or other small squash that benefit from deep roasting and caramelisation.
Stir-fry black pepper rib-eye beef with Merlot is another top seller, the beef seared at a fiercely high temperature to achieve caramelisation before it is bathed in a joyously ungloopy black pepper sauce.
This is achieved by applying vacuum directly onto a thin, swept film during cooking resulting in very rapid cooking, with negligible process inversion or caramelisation.